We are happy to announce that the call for workshops and pre- registration for the XI. ANSE International Summer University on Supervision & Coaching in Munich is open.

The Summer University is organised by AS GmbH in cooperation with DGSv (German Association for Supervision and Coaching), KSH (Catholic University of Applied Sciences Munich), and ANSE (Association of National Organisations for Supervision in Europe).

18th – 22nd August 2025


(Catholic University of Applied Sciences Munich)

The main language will be English

Call For Workshops

We invite supervisors and coaches who are interested in organising their own workshops to submit proposals. All necessary information can be found in the following document.

Period of time: the call for workshops is open between 01/07/ until 01/10/2024

An Ocean of Possibility

Supervision between thought and action

Supervision inhabits the charged space between major issues (values, attitude, power, transformation, democracy, diversity, etc.) and practical tools of the trade (clarification of the assignment, working relationship, communication, intervention, contract, fees). As supervisors, we think about the world, society, organisations, roles and people. At the same time, we engage in exceedingly practical activity in our attempts to develop and implement useful interventions for our supervisees and clients.

Between thinking and acting truly lies an ocean.

At the ANSE Summer University 2025, we intend to explore the shores of this ocean and dive into its depths.

From the shore of thought…
What social, political, fundamental questions are we supervisors concerned with when looking at the world, Europe and the various countries? What concerns us? Of this, what is important for our profession?

…across the ocean…
How does all this affect our inner work as supervisors? How do we manage the complexity? Where do we navigate safely on the high seas and where are there cliffs or shoals? Where do we feel competent and powerful? Where do we feel overwhelmed and powerless?

…to the shore of action.
How does the big picture ultimately reveal itself in the concrete details? Which questions do I ask and which do I not? Which interventions, which working methods (still) work and which don‘t (any longer)? How is the practice changing and in which ways should it remain the same? We invite participants to reflect on this together and to experience practical handholds – with thoughts and actions.

This Summer University will also be a milestone as the first ANSE SU in Germany so far.

Join the Summer University in Munich – let’s get together in 2025!

On behalf of the organisers,
Dr. Annette Mulkau & Robert Erlinghagen

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